Incy Wincy have a comprehensive list of policies. The relevant policy documents can be shown as PDF files in your browser by selecting the links beneath each policy paragraph on this page.

Medication Policy

Written consent is required for prescribed medications by parents on the medication form. Please read the medication policy 'on file'. Children with inhalers or known allergies will always receive prompt attention. All medication forms are available from Incy.

Behaviour Management Policy

No child will ever be spoken to or handled inappropriately. We talk to the child and try to resolve the problem. Re-direction usually works. For full details see the policy pack available in Incy.

Complaints Policy

We have a complaint policy and procedure in place. If you have any concerns please direct these to one of the supervisors. Following a discussion if areas are not resolved further discussion can happen with the Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW). Their details can be found on our Contact page.

Equal Opportunities Policy

All children are welcome at the nursery. We provide equal attention to parents and children regardless of gender, social group, ethnic origins, religion, disability or developmental progress.

Special Needs Policy

Children who have special needs will be welcomed and supported by the group, with the needs of the child being of paramount importance at all times.

Child Protection Policy

It is the policy of Incy Wincy Nursery to make children's safety, well being and protection our highest priority while they are in our care.

Collection of children

Staff need to be informed in advance if a different person is collecting your child. We will not release your child unless parental permission has been given.

Healthy Eating Policy

Data Protection Policy

Our data protection policy.